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Faith at different points and times

Here is a summary of Thomas Kuhn's book, giving you general understanding about Paradigm shift. Everyone has its own belief or faith; some called religion some does not.  A »


Then the roaring of jet engines felt real, and the my back was pushed against the chair in a big air plane. Then lifting up.   It was not the first »

A saga about VEF interview

I were in luck, and that is not an understatement. I knew other applicants who much smarter than me. Within my undergrad school, those applicants simply blew me out water. »

‘Being’ patient is virtuous, but waiting is no fun

I remembered almost 6 years ago, right after I started the grad school at ASU, and joined a research lab, the topic of being patient was mentioned.In U.S. »

Our words are our deeds

Lunch and street foodAbout haft pass twelve, I walked downstairs from my rented apartment to the nearby food corner for lunch.  I live in a high rise-building block in Hanoi, »