Courage – a center piece of adaptive leadership

That is a gross simplification, but I need to pull out a critical point. So bear with me. This is a post about my reflection after two-day training with Adaptive »

Lower Mekong Research Symposium

Where a facts is presented along other facts that produce an interesting collection but not yet add up to a sequel. Asking a sequel is a tall order for inter-discipline, »


Then the roaring of jet engines felt real, and the my back was pushed against the chair in a big air plane. Then lifting up.   It was not the first »

A saga about VEF interview

I were in luck, and that is not an understatement. I knew other applicants who much smarter than me. Within my undergrad school, those applicants simply blew me out water. »

‘Being’ patient is virtuous, but waiting is no fun

I remembered almost 6 years ago, right after I started the grad school at ASU, and joined a research lab, the topic of being patient was mentioned.In U.S. »